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About Us

We are Polyfab Plastic Industry!

Irrigation Pipes & Fittings Exporter UAE

Technology, Innovation, Product Research & Development in terms of Infrastructure and Logistics have changed the face of the earth. It is amazing to witness excellent development initiatives across various countries.  UAE is one of the fastest developing country and has witnessed growth in its expanse and reach. It has seen extensive development in terms of infrastructure, irrigation, power, telecommunication and energy projects. Predominantly a desert landscape, piping systems play a very important role in its ventures.

In this scenario, Plastic Piping Systems are becoming increasingly popular. They have an important advantage compared to other materials in terms of simple handling, customizable, low weight, increased flexibility, resistance to corrosive effects and chemicals; easy installation and repair; and are highly cost effective.

Polyfab Plastic Industry LLC was established in 2005, at UAE with major offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman. We are experts in high quality, technologically advance plastic piping. Our plastic piping manufacturing methods, follow rigorous quality control; assurance policies supported by certificates from top international testing and certifying bodies. Polyfab’s plastic piping products and services are mainly used in areas of irrigation, construction, drainage, energy, power distribution, potable water supply, gas supply, cable ducting, telecommunication networks and industrial applications.

The company has a strong rooted ethos of Quality and Prudence. We always believe that Trust & Commitment are more important than mere Success.

Polyfab Plastic Industry LLC – Experts in High Quality Plastic Piping Solutions!

At Polyfab Plastic, we offer a wide variety of Plastic Pipes, Fittings, Accessories and Services for every application.

We specialize in
  • PVC Pipes & Fittings
  • HDPE Pipes & Fittings
  • Piping Accessories
  • Installation & Technical Support
  • After Sales Support & Services


Polyfab Plastic Industry envisions “to provide advanced plastic piping solutions with complete emphasize on instant availability, cost effectiveness and above all adhering to global quality standards. We are serving the nation, society by being an integral part of infrastructure development opportunities, which saves energy, leads to environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible practices, as hallmarks of our success.”

Polyfab Plastic Industry LLC – Leading Experts in High Quality Plastic Piping Solutions!


Polyfab Plastic achieves its Vision, every time it serves the customer.  We are proud on our achievement of being the “Top Manufacturer of this region” in terms of Quality, Service, Availability of excellent Plastic Piping Solutions. We have a state of art Manufacturing facility, Professional and Technical team, after sales services. We always ensure our services are delivered on-time enabling prompt project completions and reducing dependencies.

Core Values

At Polyfab Plastic, we are committed to our core values, which are our guiding principles in the way we do business. We are committed to abide them in every aspect of our business.


For the larger good! Our commitment is to the country we live in…  Our products and services have direct impact on our customers, but also to the community at large and on the environment. We can create a long-term value only if we care for our customers, employees and the community at large.


To have a clear foresight of the future, we must anticipate change and seize opportunities as they arise. We maintain a sense of urgency in what we do because we know that every moment counts.

High Quality

We are passionate about delivering high quality products and services to our customers and addressing their business needs along with quality standards and keep up promises.


We are proud of our accomplishments, but we know that our success would not have been possible without the support of all the internal and external associates. We understand our limitations and know that to achieve excellence; we must value what we have and constantly self-evaluate, learn and become better.