Plastic piping offers numerous benefits for many applications, including fire fighting systems. It is corrosion-free with excellent chemical resistance and superior abrasion-resistant qualities making it a great choice for fire fighting system equipment. HDPE pipes has been extensively used in the mining and chemical industry. Taking in consideration regional saline weather, high-density polyethylene pipes are a very feasible solution for underground fire fighting systems in the region. As added-value benefits in performance and lifecycle costs, plastic piping is easy and safe to install because of its lightweight nature, long pipe lengths and flexibility.

FM approved and certified by Dubai Civil Defence, Abu Dhabi Civil Defence and Ajman Civil Defence, HDPE (PE 100) pipes and fittings are slowly advancing to one of the most used materials for  fire fighting systems in buildings in the region. Polyfab offers one of the most complete product ranges of FM approved HDPE (PE 100) pipes and fittings for underground fire service networks in UAE.

Using our advanced HDPE fire fighting fittings and systems saves cost during installation, significantly increases the system safety and the service lifetime of the complete piping system.

Numerous industrial companies in the region have placed special fire fighting systems for commercial buildings to prevent loss of property. A complete fire fighting system includes underground pipelines as main lines with easily accessible connections to fire hydrants. 

The water supply is usually considered to be the most critical component of а fire fighting system. The role of underground fire protection piping is to transfer the water from its source to the building entrance. This piping system must be extremely durable and reliable for long periods of time to withstand internal and external stresses. HDPE pipes and fittings can be welded together homogeneously using butt-fusion welding or electro-fusion welding. 

The welded joints are as effective as the pipe itself, resulting in а continuous leak-tight fire fighting system. On the other hand, HDPE pipes do not corrode. This is a vital point as in case of а fire emergency, particles can be flushed and clog the sprinklers inside the building if the pipes are corroded or rusted.

Polyfab provides one of the full product ranges of FM certified HDPE (PE 100) pipes and fittings for underground fire fighting systems in the region. Polyfab high-quality products and its years of experience are trusted by different business fields, resulting in a complete solution for all stakeholders.

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