Polyfab manufactures polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic pipes and pipe fittings, the material of choice in most irrigation and landscaping systems. 

You can use HDPE pipes and pipe fittings for sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, and large-scale landscaping projects, among other applications.

Certain characteristics of HDPE make them a popular choice for greening, landscaping, and irrigation.

They are non-toxic, highly inert, very resistant to corrosion and chemical buildup, impermeable to gases and liquids, abrasion-resistant, and repel rodents, insects, bacteria, and fungi. PVC and HDPE pipes are also durable and sturdy. In fact, PVC and HDPE plastic piping systems have a life expectancy of around 100 years.

Based on a 2012 study of water main break rates in the USA and Canada, PVC has the lowest rate of failure among all the pipes included in the study. 

In terms of durability, PVC pipes beat cast-iron pipes, ductile iron pipes, steel pipes, concrete pipes, and asbestos cement pipes. HDPE pipes are even more durable than PVC pipes. 

Analyzed using rain stress, wind, heat, or cold events, PVC has an event failure rating of one in 48,650, while HDPE pipes have a rating of one in 10,000,000.

Polyfab offers a variety of HDPE pipes that can be used for irrigation and landscaping. 

Our PVC pressure pipes in various diameter sizes, classes, and connection types comply with internationally recognized standards such as BSEN 1452, DIN 8062, BS3505, BS3506, ASTM-D 1785, and ASTM-D 2241. 

Our PVC pressure pipe fittings, also available in different types, sizes, and classes, adhere to BS 4346, ASTM-D 2466, ASTM-D 2467, and DIN 8063 international standards.

Aside from pressure pipes and fittings, we also have drainage pipes and pipe fittings that may be used for above-ground and below-ground landscaping and irrigation applications. Our drainage pipes are available in diameter sizes ranging from 36mm to 160mm for general purposes, and between 110mm to 500mm for below-ground applications.

Polyfab also manufactures HDPE pressure pipes that conform to stringent ISO 4427 and BSEN12244 standards and have been evaluated explicitly for use in hot-weather Middle Eastern countries. 

Our HDPE pipes are available in diameters ranging from 16mm to 500mm and pressure ratings ranging from PN6 to PN25 in PE100. To complement our HDPE piping solutions and ensure the availability of turnkey piping solutions, Polyfab also fabricates HDPE pipe fittings.

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