As a reputable HDPE pipe products and PVC pipe products supplier in the UAE, we take pride in the durability and safety of our products. Most of our pipes and accessories are used in residential homes, commercial and administrative buildings, as well as in infrastructural projects. Even the landscaping, agricultural, and industrial sectors rely on our expertise for all their plastic pipe needs.



PVC pipes are one of the world’s most sustainable products.

  • PVC pipes and PVC fittings are ideal for long term use in underground infrastructure.
  • There are no smokestacks at PVC pipe facilities and our PVC pipe products are completely recyclable.
  • Our PVC pipe products showcase exceptional durability and corrosion resistance leading to better water conservation and low replacement, maintenance, and repair costs.

We have a wide range of PVC pipe product solutions and technologies available for various applications, including infrastructure projects, construction, irrigation, potable water, cable ducting, industrial applications, etc.

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At Polyfab Plastic, HDPE pipes and fittings and HDPE pipe fittings are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the tropical weather conditions of the Middle East countries, making them suitable for most applications. One of the most prominent features of our HDPE pipe products is that a wide variety of joints and systems are available to suit the application and installation method. We also manufacture a comprehensive range of fabricated HDPE fittings for pressure applications to ensure a turnkey piping solution.

Our HDPE pressure pipe products are manufactured for and conform to ISO 4427 standards. The HDPE pipe products are now available in diameters from 16mm up to 500mm, in pressure ranges from PN6 to PN25 in PE100.

HDPE Pipes work great for:

  • Irrigation & Landscaping
  • Portable Water Application
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Fire Fighting Application
  • Cable Ducting Etc.
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At Polyfab Plastic, we offer a wide range of high-quality and reliable plumbing products as well as HDPE and PVC pipe accessories. We put dedicated efforts in replenishing customer requirements and ensure the production of quality products, delivered in a timely fashion at competitive costs. Our dedicated teams of technicians have the knowledge and expertise in material specifications and skills in designing, welding, shape formation, and bending a wide range of plastic products as per specifications.

  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Building Construction
  • Dewatering
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