A high-density polyethylene or HDPE pipe is a type of pipe made of an extremely versatile kind of plastic called polyethylene which is durable, resistant to chemicals, immune to corrosion, and lightweight – all desirable physical properties for pipes.

An HDPE pressure pipe is ideal for transferring low-temperature gases and fluids and can be used in various urban, marine, agricultural, drilling or industrial pipelines. Examples of applications include general use, fire main, drinking water, recycled water, wastewater, sewer and above-ground pipelines, gas piping systems, communications conduits and imperial pipes in rural locations.

See our list of HDPE pipes for water supply and pipe fittings below.

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ISO 4427

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  • Pipes for potable water application and irrigation
  • Adheres to International Standards ISO 4427
  • Usage: Polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply
  • Size Range: 20mm to 400mm
  • Pressure Rating: PN10, PN16, PN20
  • Standard Dimensional Ratio: SDR17, SDR11, SDR09
  • Available in 6 meter, 12 meter and rolls with blue stripe
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  • Adheres to International Standards EN 13244
  • Usage: Plastic piping systems for buried and above-the-ground pressure systems for general purposes, drainage and sewerage – Polyethylene (PE) – Part 5: Fitness for purpose of the system
  • Size Range: 20mm to 400mm
  • Pressure Rating: PN20, PN16, PN10, PN6
  • Standard Dimensional Ratio: SDR9, SDR11, SDR17, SDR26
  • Available in 6 meter, 12 meter and rolls

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