5 Reasons Why PVC Pipes Rank High in Sustainability

Every industry has an important role to play in helping society (and the world) to become more sustainable. This certainly includes the PVC pipes suppliers in UAE who are playing an increasingly important role by developing and producing more sustainable pipes. For example, one of the potential ways to create more sustainable pipes is by recycling plastics from other plastic pipes and using those to produce new pipes.  

At the moment, PVC pipes are undeniably the most sustainable pipes on the market, which is why the PVC pipe industry is the only pipe material sector that transparently details their sustainability and environmental impacts. 

From production to distribution, installation to durability, energy-efficiency to recyclability, read on to learn the five reasons PVC pipes rank high in sustainability.

1. PVC pipes require less energy and fewer resources to manufacture.

From the beginning of their creation, PVC pipes rank high in sustainability as their production requires less energy and fewer resources than other types of pipe – particularly when compared to old-technology materials. For example, manufacturing PVC pipes requires four times less energy than concrete pipes and half that needed for the production of iron pipes. 

Moreover, life-cycle assessments of PVC pipes demonstrate that the impact of this type of pipe (from raw material extraction to end-of-life) is the best option in terms of sustainability. 

2. PVC pipes create almost no waste. 

In addition to requiring less energy and fewer resources to manufacture, the production of PVC pipes creates almost no waste. The PVC pipe manufacturing process is remarkably efficient, with nearly 100 percent of the PVC compound being used in the production of the pipes. 

Not to mention that because PVC pipes are so light-weight and relatively easy to install, they require reduced transportation and installation costs, which is beneficial for the environment.

3. PVC pipes are durable. 

For a product to be sustainable, it needs to be operational for a significant amount of time. Therefore, one of the major reasons PVC pipes rank high in terms of sustainability is because they are exceptionally durable and corrosion resistant. This, in turn, means that they last much longer than any other type of piping material

In fact, the life expectancy of these pipes is around 110 years, ensuring that you can get plenty of usage out of them before they need to be replaced or repaired. 

4. PVC pipes eliminate water loss and other unnecessary energy consumption.

These types of pipes have an incredibly smooth surface which helps to decrease pumping costs while their leak-free joints eliminate water loss. Unfortunately, most old pipes have an average of up to 40 per cent water loss which is a staggering amount and a complete waste of water. Therefore, by installing PVC pipes, you’re assured that your system isn’t unnecessarily wasting precious resources. 

Further proof that PVC pipes are the most sustainable option available is that they bypass needless energy consumption throughout their long lifespan because of their lower energy consumption and lower CO2 production. 

5. PVC pipes are easily recyclable. 

As PVC pipes have such a long lifespan, it is unlikely that you are ever going to have to replace them; however, you can sleep comfortably knowing that when they are replaced, the material can be easily recycled. 

PVC can be recycled multiple times before it starts to lose its technical integrity which means that the use and reuse of PVC pipes significantly helps when it comes to preserving natural resources. 

Other Benefits of PVC Pipes

These are all significant benefits of using PVC pipes, but there are still more. 

  • PVC pipes are safe: the material is non-toxic and does not facilitate bacterial growth and pathogens.
  • PVC pipes have better drainage and are less likely to get clogged when compared to other pipe materials.
  • PVC pipes require minimal maintenance.
  • PVC pipes are poor conductors of heat, ensuring water temperature is maintained.
  • PVC pipes are the most cost-effective piping option on the market. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to piping materials, it is easy to see why PVC leads the way in terms of sustainability. The material requires fewer resources to produce, is energy efficient to manufacture and transport, creates virtually no waste, is incredibly durable and long lasting when it is installed, and recyclable. No wonder it has become the preferred material for pipes around the world. 

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